Do It Yourself / Work In Progress projects.
One scale : 1/72.
Converting, painting, making terrain of my own world in 20mm.

jeudi 28 février 2013

SAS fireteam

not finished...

Many things to do these weeks, I wish to be more present now.

 Thanks for looking.

mardi 12 février 2013

Here come the "walkers"...

Some zombies for my S.O.R.T. operators.
More to come.

Thanks for looking


dimanche 3 février 2013

DevGru Ghillie suit - A-Stan Project - Part 2

Texture added.
GreenStuff and toothpick.

More behind the legs later.

A warm and (a bit late... sorry) welcome to Paaor, Bear and Steve.

Thanks for following, guys.


samedi 2 février 2013

The wonderful sound of the door bell...

A little drrringgg-drrrringg at my door and...
youhou !
A nice and well-packed cardboard box from England.

What's inside ?
• Caesar Dismounted crusaders
• Caesar European medieval knights (13rd century)
• Caesar Counter-terrorist elite forces
• Plastic Soldier Late war british infantry. (expensive but first class...)

Like I said in other forums, i'm not fond of the counter-terrorist set from Caesar but they'll be useful to conversions. (the open helmet for my GIGN operators...)

I'm a very pleased customer from Modelhobbies for the second time. Great service !

Ps : Maybe, i 'll make a little personal review of the counter-terrorist set later...


DevGru Ghillie suit - A-Stan Project - Part 1

An operator advancing with backpack.
Next step, the texture...

Thanks for looking.


A future wreck full of rust...

No more wheels, repaint and some rust...