Do It Yourself / Work In Progress projects.
One scale : 1/72.
Converting, painting, making terrain of my own world in 20mm.

mercredi 16 janvier 2013

S.O.R.T. operators - ready to fight

Here come my costumed boys, ready to fight the plague !

Thanks for looking.


Hello to Peter, Paul, Ben, Remco and Kerem.

Guys, thanks for following !

2 commentaires:

  1. These are very good looking! I'm jealous of your sculpting skills.
    Also, thanks for the welcome.
    What project do you plan next?

  2. Thanks Ben, the suit isn't difficult to sculpt. There is no real sculpt on these but the tough part is the faceshield. To place it, to stick it with the green stuff...

    The next project is to bring the "walkers" to my operators.
    They're tired of the shooting range. Let's bring the rotten flesh !

    After, the Afghanistan project with special forces and talibans, maybe the Abbottabad house and operation geronimo, GIGN operators (a sort of french swat) and hostages, i'll see.