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One scale : 1/72.
Converting, painting, making terrain of my own world in 20mm.

mardi 4 juin 2013

A generic D12 : Special Forces operator in action

A generic Special Forces Operator suitable for Afghanistan, Irak, Africa, contractors areas, Zombie hunting, Dino hunting... 
Just suitable for what I want to do : everything...

Converted Caesar sets (SAS, Modern Special Forces Worldwide, Modern US Army, Modern Urban resisters)

Thanks for looking, gents.


- Salut à l'ami Sam ! A warm welcome to Sam Wise, a nice chap, fan of Cadfael, you'll see, as me, the reference... :)
- A warm welcome to Stargazer and Barks ! Welcome on board, gents !

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  1. nice! he looks very cool. great conversion, I tried my hand at some conversions, their average at best, this however is excellent.