Do It Yourself / Work In Progress projects.
One scale : 1/72.
Converting, painting, making terrain of my own world in 20mm.

samedi 1 juin 2013

Once again - Following the Caesar SAS operators

Once again, again.
The SAS operators, re-based, less shiny and with some greenish elements.
they're done, ready to fight.

Thanks for looking gents.


2 commentaires:

  1. nice stuff! I painted up a few SAS operators a while ago. nice figures but you have done a far better job than I did.

  2. Hey, my "old Friend" Gowan is here !!!

    Looks good, but the colours are maybe a little too dark ?
    (I'm not a connaisseur of this kind of figures ... )

    Bon, assez de plaisanterie et d'anglais: J'ai surtout vu tes précédents posts avec les barricades : superbes!

    Ton blog rajouté à mon blog-roll et nouveau membre du tien !